Ten Bad Habits Stopping Me From Finishing My Indie Game Projects

If only it was as easy as coming up with ideas, prototyping, creating gameplay, creating assets, testing, bug fixing, promoting, shipping etc. We’d all have several games finished and shipped by now. Unfortunately there is a whole new side to indie game development and arguably to most creative endeavors that constantly stops us from finishing our game projects. The following are my ten mental roadblocks/demons which I’m fighting on daily basis to finish and ship my games.

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Why I Think Now Is A Good Time To Be An Indie Game Developer

I’ve entertained the idea of going indie for a long time. The challenge, creativity and opportunity of creating a game from start to finish was always intriguing to me. Unfortunately until recently it was merely an unrealistic dream. Tools were expensive, access to market for a lone indie almost non existent and the mainstream players haven’t quite realized what they wanted from their gaming experiences. All that has changed now and the following is my list of why it’s a golden period to be an indie game developer.

Unity, UDK Are Now Accessible To Anyone.
Several years ago game engines were expensive and not very user friendly. The editors that were provided with games as modding tools seemed more like afterthoughts with very little support. Now you can get basic versions of the most powerful engines used to make top notch games for free or royalty based terms. In addition, a community that has built around these game engines is usually very active and when questions arise the support is usually quick and prompt.

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