1000 Words A Day Habit And How It Relates To Indie Game Development

What’s one thing an indie game developer can do every day to improve upon his craft and keep the momentum of working on his game projects on daily basis?

It’s a common habit for fiction and non-fiction writers to write at least 1000 words per day rain or shine. The idea behind it is to practice their craft everyday and to create a consistent output outlet. This got me thinking about what could possible be the equivalent for indie game developers?

If we’re serious about creating games, improving as professionals and are committed to releasing high quality games on consistent basis our goal should be to develop some kind of daily output system that helps us build our skills, make progress on our projects and keep us moving forward. But what could that possibly be on daily basis for indie game devs?

The reason I’m asking this question is because I recently decided to be “all in” in my pursue to be an indie game developer and really focus to try to make it work. The decision to be “all in” requires certain level of discipline and commitment.

Recently I wrote about Ten Habits That Stop Me From Finishing My Game Projects. I’ve been conscious of these habits and making sure that over time I’m able to improve on them. I’m looking into other creative fields to see if some of their struggles relate back to game development.

Writers face a similar dilemmas, if they’ve committed to writing a novel/book, they have an overwhelming task ahead of them. One way that helps them is to focus on consistently writing 1000 words a day. It’s a manageable daily amount that if done every day for extended periods of time gets a healthy amount of work done.

1000 words is a smaller goal of a much bigger undertaking. Finding the equivalent in game development might not be as easy (I tried to make a list) but the principle remains the same. Break it up into smaller tangible daily tasks, keep showing up daily and you’ll get where you want to be eventually.

What are your thoughts? What do you think the equivalent of 1000 words per day could be in indie game development? Comments welcome below.