Freelancing, Apple Store, Music and Blogging

Freelance Projects

For the last couple of months I’ve been involved with a couple of freelance game projects. I’m happy to say that they are healthy and going well. Freelancing is something that’s new to me and I’m still trying to develop a better opinion about it, but currently the Freelance/Work On My Own Indie Game Projects hybrid works for me.

I’ve also been seeing a lot more interest in game prototyping type of projects. Where a company or an individual(with a game idea and money) hires a developer to prototype it to gauge if they want to take it into next stage. Sometimes the prototype might turn to a full out demo project used for presentation/ funding needs. If you’re on either side of this equation please contact me and see how we can help each other out.

Apple App Developer

I’m officially an Apple App Developer. I’ve signed up, paid my 99 dollar yearly fee, got all the provisioning setup and got one of my quick prototypes up and running on my old iPhone. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks poking at the different options and features available and develop some type of strategy on how to occupy the Apple App store in the future.


One of my good friends has sent me Game Music he’s been working on this week. Sound and Music has always been a concern for me, as it’s another thing I’d have to worry about on my indie game projects. It’s not something I have much experience doing and it’s nice to have somebody to fill that role. The tunes he has sent are great and it’s another thing I can tick off from my worry/concerns list as he seems committed to helping out in that regard.


I started this blog about a month ago. It’s been fun so far. Thanks for all the feedback and support. I find trying to convert thoughts into written form a good practice and it makes me think about what I’m doing a bit more in-depth. I hope there is some value in it for you. I personally love to read about how other game developers work. If you blog about game development let me know where I can find you in comments below, email or a social network.