List of iOS Game Review Sites

I’m at a point where I’m starting to look deeper into different types of ways of marketing my upcoming mobile game. All this is still in very early stages of exploration but I thought at least for now I’ll gather some links to submission and contact pages of some of the review sites in case later on I decide to go that route. The consensus right now is that these sites get blasted with hundreds of submissions a day and getting reviewed is like winning a lottery. Nonetheless the alternative is to do nothing and I’m pretty sure where that leads. So here is my humble start to get a list going.

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Living in the Cloud

As hard drive space increases with each iteration of hardware. Cloud computing requires us to have less and less of it each time. As I’m setting up the structure of this freelance/indie game dev venture, I’m making a conscious effort to make sure as much of my software is cloud based. Cloud computing allows us to keep our data accessible from anywhere where access to internet is available on servers hosted by the service provider. Why is this important for me?

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Adopting New Technologies

I finished an animation, it was a rough 3D model of a soccer player juggling a ball. It had a whole stadium in the background. Created with 3D Studio R4 (yes even before Max) This was more than 16+ years ago in HighSchool. After all these years I find myself currently updating skills and learning yet another software package and thinking back on all the software that I had to learn/relearn throughout the years.

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Indie Game Developer Mindset Check

Before I made the decision to go indie. I thought about my strengths and weaknesses as a game developer. It’s an honest exercise to see if the skill sets align to make sure I have what it takes to be able to make it as an indie. A lone game developer has a lot on his plate. Artistic ability, technical ability, design skills, business, self-promotion etc. All this required knowledge could be intimidating at first. That’s why I think the most important ability in indie game development is having the right mindset.

So is the decision to go indie crazy? It’s the question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately. On one hand the opportunity to work on self directed game project is very intriguing on the other hand I do realize the sheer amount of work that it takes to improve on the current skill set to be able to release something that I’d be happy with. The scope of knowledge required is a challenge and a learning opportunity for me. It will require recognizing strengths and weaknesses and finding the time and putting in the effort to improve upon them.

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