Developer: Vertexpusher Games

Founding Date: November 2011

Press Contact: Tomasz Dzierza (email)




Skype: Vertexpusher

Vertexpusher Games Description: Vertexpusher Games is a one man indie studio founded by Tomasz Dzierza focusing on short, high quality gaming experiences.

Projects: Toy Glider

About Toy Glider: 

Release Date: Dec.20,2012

Price: Free with IAP

Platforms: iOS

Toy Glider is a 2.5D side-scrolling endless shoot’em up from Vertexpusher Games.

In a world of abundant choice, most toys are forever stuck on shelfs and never picked. Toy Glider is not waiting to be picked. It’s breaking out of a box and choosing itself. Except for one problem! It needs you to get through the first few initial steps before it can reach its full potential. Help this toy upgrade it’s arsenal of power ups and weapons and guide it through on its endless journey.

I’m sure by now you’ve got your one tap avoidance gameplay down to an art. Thought you might want to add some weapons and power ups to the mix. Quick swipe, up, down, left, right to activate Giant, Shrink, SlowMo and Speed power ups, use drop and shoot buttons to drop and launch projectiles. A fun mix between endless action and SHMUP genre.

If you like endless flyers you’ll love Toy Glider. Here are some highlights:

– feel the speed as you soar through endless action

– tap anywhere on screen to fly

– avoid oncoming Helicopters, planes and cars.

– collect power ups and weapons

– swipe activate collected power ups anywhere on screen

– collect auto triggered power ups to help you reach even higher scores and perks.

– one button drops missiles, another shoots projectiles

– collect coins and upgrade your arsenal

– complete 35+ challenges

– unlock new plane colors and themes

– get high scores and share them with your friends

– GameCenter enabled.

– high quality 3D graphics.

** Best Experience on an iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer or iPod touch (5th gen).

Developer Profile: Tomasz is a Polish-Canadian who has spent the last decade living in China. After several years as a 3D Graphics and game design instructor he joined American McGees owned Spicyhorse Games in Shanghai and worked on titles such as Grimm and Alice: Madness Returns. The idea to start Vertexpusher Games sparked from the opportunity of being able to create small, high quality, bite sized gaming experiences from anywhere in the world. His first release Toy Glider is due in December 2013 on iOS.

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